The Dűne Wine Estate, previously known as Béla Winery, is a family-run business situated in Imrehegy. Founded in 1991 by Zoltán Béla, alongside his parents and siblings, it saw a transition in ownership to Zoltán Béla in 2014, who then took charge of both the winery and a significant portion of its vineyards, overseeing their continual development and expansion.

Our wines are exclusively crafted from grapes harvested from our vineyards and processed in our modern facility, operational since 2012. Utilizing innovative techniques like must cooling for reductive wines and traditional methods for reds and late harvest varieties, we prioritize quality and sustainability. Furthermore, our commitment to organic practices led us to introduce an ORGANIC wine range three years ago, featuring grapes grown in Imrehegy and treated only with natural substances, certified by Biokontroll Hungária.

Our diverse wine portfolio showcases signature varietals like Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi Fűszeres, Nektár, Kövidinka, and Riesling, alongside an array of reds and fruity rosés. Notably, our dedication to excellence has been acknowledged with accolades such as the Champion prize in Brussels for our 2009 Nektár and the Grand Gold Medal for our 2013 Nektár. In 2023, our 2019 Riesling earned further acclaim with a Grand Gold Medal in Bordeaux.

Imrehegy, nestled within the Southern Great Plain, offers a unique terroir, yielding grapes of exceptional quality. Embracing this natural bounty, we affectionately coined the term “a sip of sunshine” at the outset of our journey, symbolizing the landscape’s radiant allure and the essence of our wines, which encapsulate the warmth and beauty of the Kunság wine region’s rolling dunes.

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